Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jersey City Hoboken Real Estate Market Recap -- week ended 3/6/15

In Jersey City, several units from the Dixon Mills complex are new to the market. With the development of the Liberty Harbor area, the area around these buildings, which used to be the western fringe of downtown, should become even more rapidly gentrified. Dixon Mills runs a shuttle to Grove St. PATH.

In Hoboken, in addition to a very nice three bedroom on Washington, there are quite a few interesting investment units around $400K that are fresh to the market. Since millennials as a group are postponing the purchase of their first home, smaller condos can oftentimes become decent income properties, especially after factoring in the tax benefits of investing in real estate. Want to know more about how Real Estate can help diversify your portfolio? Email me at

Otherwise it is more of the same story. A few interesting properties come to market each week, get a dozen viewings, and go to a best and final offer scenario. How can a buyer put in a strong offer to get their dream home? Call me and we can discuss the strategies that can help get you the edge in this competitive market.